2013 Long Service Honourees

  • 2013 Long Service Recognition

    Five employees at UBC’s Okanagan campus were recognized recently for their lengthy service.

    From left to right, Maurice Williams, 35 years, Daniel Kay, 25 years, Prof. Deborah Buszard, deputy vice-chancellor and principal, Rose Cresswell, 35 years, Michael Gesi, 25 years, and Michael Berger, 35 years.

25-year honourees

Michael Gesi — Security Services, started at UBC’s Point Grey campus, patrolled the campus on bike, foot, and by patrol vehicle.

Daniel Kay — associate professor with the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences’ Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics Unit, teaches physics, and helped develop a new upper-level biophysics course.

35-year honourees

Michael Berger — media technician with the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, credited for constantly introducing new technology to the department and coaching faculty and staff on how to use handheld devices.

Rose Cresswell — Okanagan Campus Library Services, worked in most library departments and known to be efficient, caring, and willing to take on the more challenging tasks at hand.

Maurice Williams — professor with the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences’ History and Sociology Unit, teaches history with a specialty in European history.

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